Oil & Gas Division

Welding Electrodes

Manual Metal Arc Welding Electrodes
Product AWS Product AWS Product AWS
Euro Pipe E 6010 Euro Pipe Shield E 7010G Eudur - 140 E 7024
Euro Pipe Plus E 6010 Euro LH E 7016 Eudur - 180 E 7024
Number One Plus E 6012 Eutherme LH E 7018 Euro Monel E Ni - Cu B
Number One E 6013 Eutherme LH SPL E 7018 Euro Nickel E Ni - Fe CI
Number One Gold E 6013 Eutherme LH - 1 E 7018 - 1 Euro Chrome E 308 - 16
Euro Fuse E 6013 Euro Craft E 8018 Euro Molly E 316 - 16
Euro Pipe 7010 E 7010 Eudur - 110 E 7014 Euro Alloy E 312 - 16

Hardfacing Electrodes Low Heat Input Welding Electrodes (Euro - Tech)
Euro Hard 300 Euro Tech Description Euro Tech Description
Euro Hard 500 Euro Tech Special Mild Steel Contact Type
for Sheet Metal Applications
Euro Tech HMACHI Machinable Hardfacing
Euro Hard 700 Euro Tech 700 LH Mild Steel High Strength Steel
Fabricators Repairs
Euro Tech HMn Impact and Abrasion
Euro Mangan Euro Tech H20C Plain Chromium Carbide
Euro Hard III H Euro Tech S4 25/20 Type Euro Tech HTMP High Alloy Hard Facing
Euro Hard V Euro Tech S6 SS 316 Type Euro Tech HAM Nickel Bearing Work Hardening
Euro Hard VLH Euro Tech S7
HDEuro Tech SL8
Euro Tech SL7
SS 309 Type Euro Tech 30C Rapid Work Hard 14% Min
SS 308 Type Euro Tech HCXC Hard Facing High Temperature
SS 308 Type Euro Tech HCM-I Hast Alloy
Non Machinable Cast Iron Electrode Euro Tech S9 18/86 Type Euro Tech CNM Cast Iron Non Machinable
Euro Tech S10 SS 310 Type Euro Tech CNC CI Machinable Ferro Nickel
Euro Tech S12 Dis Similar Steel Euro Tech CNF CI Machinable
Euro Cast Euro Tech S12 S Dis Similar Steel Euro Tech CNI CI Machinable NI Core
Cutting Electrode Euro Tech NCF 1 Hi Nickel Euro Tech CUTROAD Cutting
Euro Cut Euro Tech NCF 2 Inconel Euro Tech CHAMF ROD Gouging

Submerged Arc Welding
Euro SUB - EMI 2 EM 12 Euro 20 F6 A2 EL 8
Euro SUB - EL 2 EL 12 Euro 30 F7 A0 - EM12K
Euro SUB - EL 14 EL 14 Euro 40 F7 A4/PS EH 14

MIG/TIG Welding
Euro 2 ER 7056
Euro 3 ER 7057
Potassium Silicate - Grade K66, K76, K 120
Sodium Silicate - Grade Neutral
Lithium Based Potassium Silicate