Packaging Division

Corrugated Cartons

Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals & Power Industries

Rafi International offers an ISO certified service for boxboard and other kraft liner packaging materials. Our continued reach-out to our clients allows us to have a fast interaction and update over their demands and satisfaction.

The growing demand for quality corrugated packaging, ensures that we come up with sensible, cost effective solutions for all our customers requirements, with the satisfaction they deserve.

Our product range includes:

Corrugated Boxboards (WTL & KL)

We can provide both WHITE TOP & BROWN TOP corrugated boxes for almost all kinds of designs. Produced for your needs by a top notch corrugator machine which can guarantee tailor-fit sheets to meet your packaging standards.

Corrugated Sheets

Sheets are formed into various usage depending on the needs of the product to be packed. They are also used as extra support to the product. This simple product leads us to an important element of packaging. We offer clients a range of Flutes, and depending on your usage we test it for you to guarantee you wont be spending more than required. With various packaging applications, and the cost-efficiency involved, this contributes greatly to trimming your packaging budget.

Edge & Core Tubes

Core Tubes are commonly used for aluminium foil, tissue paper, cling wrap or stretch films and other products that are produced in rolls. Core tubes provide strength from within. The material used is rolled and binded together using glue to form the core of various rollable products. Materials used are from a range of grades to suit customer requirements.

Special Developments

Products can be developed to suit other demands in usage for packaging and product handling. Such as; corruaged pallets, fruit stands, and other boxes.