Packaging Division



Labels are a critical part of product packaging, often relaying the product's sense of quality and contributing greatly to the marketability and consumer response. Rafi International follows up the product progress in the market and offers the most suitable labels, that provide exclusivity to the customer.


Rafi International follow up improvements in the market and reflect all means of technology in the production and service process. Our principal's use multicolor printing machines, having optimal performance on print quality and speed, computers for the design team, and all necessary equipment for the pre-printing process.


The importance of speed in production and service is growing day by day...we place importance on completing the job as fast as possible. Our effective and speedy system continues after the production process ends as well. The produced labels are delivered to the customers as quickly as possible.


Self Adhesive Labels - Printing can be done on every kind of self-adhesive paper or plastic material and OPP in rolls, or one by one in letterpress, flexo, or silk screening. Clients have options of multi-color, UV varnished, hot foil printing + lamination.

Woven Labels - 8 colored tafetta and monofil featured satin labels are woven in the latest version machines and according to the customer request they are delivered either by rolls or one by one cut ready for sewing.

Off-Set Printed Labels - Every size and every micron carton label are printed with various printing machines to any kind of paper or carton material.

Ribbon Label - The modern printing machines can print up to 6 colors on any fabric on any required size. The printed labels are presented either by rolls or in single die cut, ready for sewing.