Packaging Division

Pre-cut Lids

Rafi International is a renowned supplier of quality pre-cut lids in the Middle East. The industries served include Food & Dairy, Pharmaceutical and Beverages. New materials are constantly added to our product range, and several plastic alternatives to foil are already being sold commercially and are continuously under development. Our unrivalled flexo print quality along with our technical support and design ensure that we are able to offer the ultimate in terms of customer service, quick turnaround and flexibility.

We offer our clients:

  • Variety of Materials (Polyester), (Aluminum Foil), (Special Laminates)
  • Wide Range of Sizes Over 400 existing shapes and sizes for lidding available
  • Small / Medium Run Capacity Special, printed designs from 25,000 to millions
  • Printing High quality Flexographic printing in up to 9 colours including UV printing
  • Quick, Flexible Lead Times Heat Sealable Material
  • Pre-cut Lidding Innovative packaging solutions


Increasing in popularity as an alternative to aluminum foil lidding, polyester is a versatile, easy peel and flexible material.

  • High Graphics Quality
  • Tear resistant
  • Product freshness sealed-in
  • Low Embossing
  • Easy Metal Detection
  • Easy-Peel
  • Also available in a Clear / Transparent Material
  • Microwaveable

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Aluminum Foil

Traditional material for lidding purposes, aluminum foil offers flexibility in terms of it's suitability for a wide range of products and ability to seal to many different container types.

  • Cost-Efficient
  • High Barrier properties
  • Excellent runability on production runs
  • Large choice of embossing pattern

Standard product for sealing to all container types.

Aluminum with Co-Ex Sealing layer

A New Product for sealing to all container types. An alternative to Heat Sealed Lacquered material in order to provide improved seal and peel performance as well as a wider operating window for the end user.

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Laminate material is widely used for products requiring high temperature processes e.g. patés.

  • Suitable for specialist applications enduring high temperatures
  • Retortable (cookable)
  • High barrier
  • Microwaveable

Laminates are primarily used for aggressive products or products that require additional processes such as cooking, hot fill etc.

Laminates can also offer a Weld (Un-Peelable) Seal and therefore are ideal for chemical type products. Certain laminates offer 'Easy Peel' and are used for food packaging where the end user requires a good peel with a reduced risk of tearing the lid.

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